Latex fetish mask with back zip transparent black hood latex club wear RLM046
Latex fetish mask with back zip transparent black hood latex club wear RLM046

Latex Fetish Mask Back Zip Transparent Black Hood Club Wear Rlm046

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Product Details

Model picture showing: latex mask, eyes mouth nostrils opened, back zip

Color: transparent black, other color can custom made, pls leave a message for it

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and custom size

Important Notice

1) Please kindly confirm the size before you issue orders.

(a) You could choose standard size– XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

(b) If standard size can’t fitable, you may custom made, measure the sizes the same as the measurement size leading picture

(d) Special body size people (e.g. very big chest, very big hip, small waist), pls leave a message, or leave a photo, we will note.

2) The price in the shop is same for size XS, S, M, L, XL, thickness is 0.4mm. The price will be different if you need other sizes or thickness (0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm). Please contact us before your payment.

3) All the items are to be made as 95% similar as the picture.

4) The latex dress is unbright (matt ) itself . If want to shine or polishing, please leave us a message, we will use latex oil to polish it before ship out.

5) Latex shine oil : Use a silicone-based lubricant such as “Eros Bodyglide” ,”Eros Cult Dressing Aid” ,”pjur latex”, “vivishine”

Standard Size Chart

Custom Size Measure Picture Leading

Color Chart

How to care for a latex dress:

Latex is high quality natural material . In order to preserve its qualities for a long time , we bring you several tips how to care for it .

Dressing up :

Firstly , take off all jewelery , which can damage the latex with its sharp edges . If you have long fingernails , great attention is needed to avoid ripping the latex with them . Powder the inner side of the latex with talc – it greatly decreases friction and thus makes dressing up much easier . Best way to put the clothing on is to use the same technique as when putting on the stockings – roll up all the material into both hands and slowly release it as you pull the clothing on . If you need to adjust the clothing after you put it on , never try to pull it with your fingers – its better to push it with whole palm . This way you avoid risk of ripping a piece of it out , after you put the clothing succesfully on , its best to polish it with latex polish – this way you will achieve same shine as you see in our photos .

Undressing :

It is much easier . Its best to be done in shower – simply soap yourself up and then the clothing can be very easily taken off . After you undress , wash the clothing thoroughly with soap and water and dry it both inside and outside .

Storage :

When clean , latex has tendency to stick to itself . Therefore its recommended to powder it with talc to prevent this stickiness . Store the latex in dark , cool , dry place . Its best to put it into opaque bag and then into wardrobe – over long period of time even faint light can cause discoloration of latex . do not put any weight on it – after prolonged period of time , creases would appear in the folds .

General guidelines for handling latex :

– for shining up the latex use only pure liquid silicone. The very same substance is used for lubricating condoms , so we can guarantee its neutrality to both latex AND your skin . Do not use any industrial-grade sprays .

– natural latex is sensitive to ultraviolet light ( in beginning , it makes the latex to change the color , later the latex looses its elasticity ) . Therefore you need to keep the latex away from direct sunlight .

– grease ( also oils , except for silicone oil ) affect the latex structure and rapidly shorten its lifetime . So keep the latex away from them.

– if you need to clean the latex , use soap and water . Its also safe to use pure alcohol to remove stains . Don′t use anything else for cleaning – some cleaning agents can cause latex to loose its shine or to make it weak .

– keep the latex away from alloys containing copper ( for example brass ) . Copper can cause the latex to change the color ( although its without effect on its strenght , it sure is very unpleasant to have dark smudges from copper on latex catsuit )

– avoid sharp objects with latex . Under normal circumstances , latex is very stretchy and strong . But when it gets damaged , it will continue to rip very easily in that spot .

– avoid heat sources – heat causes the latex to age rapidly , so it would loose its elasticity . Do no iron the latex . do not wash the latex in washing machine nor dry it in dryer

We wish you many pleasant moments with the latex!

Item Specifics
Special Use:
latex club
Item Type:
0.4mm latex
natural rubber latex
custom size made:
Shipping & Payment

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